Introduction|Assembling Scaffolding|Planking & Platforms; Part 1|Planking & Platforms; Part 2|Power Lines|Climbing Scaffolds|Safe Work Practices; Part 1|Safe Work Practices; Part 2|Review

Course Description

10,000 scaffolding-related injuries occur each year. Proper training, as required by OSHA, can help prevent these injuries. OSHA requires construction workers to be trained in scaffold assembly and disassembly, scaffold placement, handling of materials while working on a scaffold, and prevention of falls. Throughout the course, employees learn the basic characteristics of supported scaffolding, as well as the fundamentals of safe scaffolding assembly. The video demonstrates other safety techniques, like being aware of power lines, and the proper way to climb scaffolding. Provide your workers with this video training and teach them how to protect themselves while working on supported scaffolds with the use of common sense and safe work practices.