Introduction|Assembling Scaffolding|Planking & Platforms; Part 1|Planking & Platforms; Part 2|Power Lines|Climbing Scaffolds|Safe Work Practices; Part 1|Safe Work Practices; Part 2|Review

Course Description

Supported scaffolding is an integral part of construction projects. OSHA requires workers who use supported scaffolding be trained in scaffold assembly and disassembly, scaffold placement, handling of materials while working on a scaffold, and prevention of falls. This refresher course discusses safety tips for scaffold assembly, planking and platform use, working around power lines, and climbing scaffolds properly. This course also reminds your employees of safe work practices such as keeping their work areas free of debris and how to help prevent falls from scaffolds. Overall, workers are reminded of how to protect themselves while working on supported scaffolds with the use of common sense and the safe work practices discussed in this course.