Introduction|Assembling Scaffolding|Planking & Platforms; Part 1|Planking & Platforms; Part 2|Power Lines|Climbing Scaffolds|Safe Work Practices; Part 1|Safe Work Practices; Part 2|Review

Course Description

Scaffolds enable work to be performed in high places better than ladders. Scaffolds provide a work area where workers can move around and keep equipment near, a feature not found on ladders. Safety is important when working with scaffolds, as improper use can result in a fall, causing serious bodily harm. OSHA has regulations for training and safety when working with scaffolds to make certain workers stay safe. This video teaches viewers all of the important regulations and procedures needed to maintain a safe work environment. They learn about other hazards associated with scaffolding use and other safety equipment needed to grant protection in the event of a fall. Use this video to train construction workers to properly use scaffolding. Working on an elevated platform does not have to be dangerous. With this training program workers are enabled to work with scaffolding safely and effectively.