Introduction|Good Business Practice|Getting Started|Hazard Identification and Controls|Training and Communication|Emergency Response and Accident Management|Keeping It Going

Course Description

Solid workplace safety programs protect people from injury and property from damage. This video explains why business owners and top executives must commit to making safety a core value ranking alongside profitability, customer service, and cost control. In five modules, viewer learn how to make safety part of corporate culture; how to manage risk and maximize resources; the importance of hazard identification and control; methods of training and communication; and how to establish an emergency response plan, complete with accident management and investigation. Managers get tips on establishing and working with safety committees and conducting classroom and hands-on training to help them build their safety toolbox. This training explains the four steps to accident investigation and documentation, and explains why having a medical management and return-to-work program is vital. Implementing the strategies depicted in this video will make Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections smoother, and will create a stronger team, where everyone is responsible for safety.