Introduction|The Challenges of Our Human Nature|The Consistent Presence of Good Safety Leadership|Willingness to Speak Up|Safety Leaders Don’t Have to Be Vocal|Discipline and Consistent Rules Enforcement|Avoiding Negative Consequences|Poor Safety Leadership Erodes the Safety Culture|Setting Good Safety Examples|Traits of a Good Safety Leader

Course Description

Many workplaces are wrought with hazards, and workers can be seriously injured or killed if precautionary measures are not taken. Offered in both English and Spanish, this course looks at safety leadership and making better safety decisions, which ultimately benefit everyone. It is a comprehensive course packed with invaluable tips, tricks, and informational bits to help leaders in the workplace. This course discusses the challenges of our human nature, the importance of consistent leadership, the importance of being able to speak up, discipline and enforce rules. Finally, it talks about negative consequences, setting and leading by example, and the traits of a good safety leader. Use this course among your employees to foster a safer and more nurturing work culture, especially in environments where safety is of the utmost importance.