Introduction|A Series of Horrible Decisions|Short Cuts Are Just Not Worth It|How Will I Support My Family|Your Decisions Don’t Just Affect You|Lessons Learned

Course Description

This Video On Demand is based on the real-life story of Jeff Walters, who ignored safety procedures to get an industrial repair done faster and suffered a horrible accident. He recounts the series of bad decisions that led to him falling 19 feet to a concrete floor, breaking several vertebrae and shattering an arm. The video shows the stress Walters’ wife endured while awaiting word of his condition and the financial repercussions of his physical disabilities. Walters’ impassioned presentation urges workers to shed the attitudes, behaviors and conditions leading to workplace accidents and injuries. By sharing his story, his rationale for bad decisions and the consequences of those choices, Walters impresses on viewers they have the talent, ability and courage to work safely and make good choices to prevent lives form being shattered into a million pieces.