Introduction|Becoming Qualified to Operate a Crane|Pre-Operational Inspection of the Crane|Inspecting Web Slings|Inspecting Wire Rope Slings|Inspecting Chain Slings|Frequent and Periodic Inspections|Rigging the Load|Checking for Hazards Prior to Operation|Checking Balance and Brakes|Lifting and Transporting the Load|Signals and Taglines|Conclusion

Course Description

The course is geared toward those working with or who may be required to work with a crane. It explains the various types of cranes and boom trucks used to lift and transport materials in industry. It discusses the preoperational inspection of the crane, inspecting various slings, rigging the load, and it is rounded out by discussing hazard checks prior to operation. Use this course among employees who use cranes in your workplace to promote a safe and efficient working environment.