Just like any other workplace emergency, surviving an incidence of workplace violence requires a good understanding of the facility’s emergency action plan. This training focuses on preventing and responding to incidents of workplace violence.

Course Description

Understanding how to react in an emergency, especially an active shooter scenario is taught in this video. Prevention is also a part of this training. One aspect is recognizing severe changes in the behavior in an employee. Not all behavior is preventable, and therefore, it is important to know how to react in a violent situation. Active shooter situations are the worst-case scenario. Responding to an active shooter is necessary for survival. This course demonstrates to employees how respond in these situations, including how and when it is appropriate to run and/or hide. This multimedia training also gives specific tips on how to respond and work with law enforcement.

Knowing how to respond when confronted with workplace violence can prevent injuries and fatalities. Use this course to prepare employees to respond if violence breaks out at work.