Introduction|The Need for a Respiratory Protection Program|Respirator Basics and Disposable Masks|Air-Purifying Respirators and Filter Types|Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators – SARs and SCBAs|Fit Testing Your Respirator|Wearing Your Respirator|Maintaining Your Respirator|Conclusion

Course Description

OSHA estimates tens of thousands of U.S. workers are exposed to harmful airborne contaminants every day. Employees can manage their risk with the use of personal protective equipment, such as a respirator, and by following safe work practices. This video training course is for all employees who may be exposed to airborne contaminants during work. This video explains the OSHA Respiratory Safety Standards and the best practices for protecting oneself from airborne contaminants. Viewers learn respiratory basics, including examples of respiratory protection equipment. The course demonstrates fit testing, how to properly wear a respirator, and respirator maintenance. Use this respiratory protection training to educate employees about the dangers of respiratory hazards in the workplace.