Introduction|How the Ear Processes Sound|Permissible Exposure Limits|Noise Reduction Levels|Ear Plugs|Ear Muffs|Audiometric Testing|Importance of Protecting Our Hearing|Conclusion

Course Description

Being exposed to high levels of harmful noise can cause permanent hearing loss, and certain precautions must be taken for disability and injury-causing hazards. This training course explains how sound travels through the ear, how high levels of noise can damage hearing, and what precautions help prevent hearing loss. Viewers learn about permissible sounds levels. If sound levels are higher than OSHA’s permissible sound levels, workers are required to wear ear protection such as ear plugs, which are inserted into the ear canal, and ear muffs, which cover the entire ear. This course also describes what the signs of hearing loss are and explains the importance of having regular hearing tests. Watch this training course to learn how to protect your hearing from high levels of harmful noise.