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Course Description

Safety can seem relatively unimportant, something only brought up in meetings, but when your job puts your life on the line, nothing is more important than doing the work safely. That is why Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is so critical. Even if you have performed the same job for years without injury, you still have to wear the required PPE every day. The PPE you need to wear depends on your work environment and specific tasks. With this On-Demand training video, you will learn about the various types of PPE, as well as their uses. This lesson demonstrates how to correctly use PPE, so you can fully-benefit from its use. Ultimately, you should have the knowledge to understand how to protect yourself while working. You should know which PPE to use, how to correctly use them, as well as how to inspect and maintain your equipment in order to ensure the equipment maintains its effectiveness. With the material presented in this online training, you will gain those skills; utilize this course and learn how to better protect yourself on the job.