Introduction|Working Above Ground|The Full Body Harness|Connecting Devices|The Anchor Point|Calculating the Total Fall Distance|Self-Retracting Lifelines|Using Fall Arrest Equipment 100% of the Time|Rescuing Fall Victims and Surviving a Fall Event|Conclusion

Course Description

Personal fall arrest systems are used when there is a risk of falling from an elevated area, and where guardrails and other protection will not suffice. When it comes to equipment you are counting on to save your life, one must ensure they are using the equipment correctly. This course details the safety concerns and proper work practices for using personal fall arrest systems. There are three essential parts to a fall arrest system; a full body harness, a connecting device, and an anchor point. This training goes over why each of these parts is important and what they are used for. Calculating the total fall distance during a fall is also important. In this multimedia training, one learns how to calculate the fall distance through a specific formula. Utilize this course to ensure employees know the importance of using fall arrest equipment and the safety procedures that go along with it.