Introduction|Training & Authorization|Periodic & Frequent Inspections|Pre-Operational Inspection|Inspecting Hooks|Inspecting Chains|Inspection & Use of Wire Rope|Inspecting Slings|Lifting Devices|Three Common Hitches|Effect of Sling Angles on Load Force|Preparing for the Lift|Attaching the Load|Testing the Rig & Brakes|Lifting the Load|Moving the Load Safely|Use of Signals|Completing the Lift|Summary

Course Description

Cranes are powerful tools and come in many sizes and configurations. Your employees need to be aware it is their responsibility to make every lift a safe lift by understanding the complexities of these tools. This online training course discusses the safe work practices and precautions to operate cranes in a safe, controlled manner. Crane operators learn the importance of crane inspection, the lifting capacity, various rigging configurations, and how the load weight affects the lift. Employees benefit from the video’s demonstrations of safety procedures, helping them to prevent crane-related accidents and injuries at your facility.