Introduction|OSHA Regulations|Types of Cranes|Getting Started|Rigging the Load|Lifting & Landing|Review

Course Description

Crane accidents have increased in recent years, causing OSHA to revise crane regulations. The new rules, explained in this Video On Demand, address ground conditions, crane assembly and disassembly, working around power lines and inspections. This training also explains proper hand signaling, work area controls, new operator and signal person certification requirements, and training and new limits on maintenance personnel. The video focuses on boom crane operation, beginning with the importance of pre-use vehicle inspection. Viewers learn how to position and level outriggers, rig the load, lift it, move and land the load safely. This video explains the basics of safe crane operation to prevent property damage and personal injury or death. Knowing how to lift, move and land a load makes a construction job easier, and keeps workers and crane operators safe.