Introduction|Employee Involvement|Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses|Recordable Injuries & Illnesses, Part 1|Recordable Injuries & Illnesses, Part 2|Recordkeeping Forms|Reporting Injuries & Illnesses|Review

Course Description

There is a powerful tool you and your employer have to help keep your workplace safe: OSHA’s redesigned recordkeeping system, often called Part 1904 after the federal regulation on which is based. This is the standard method for reporting work related injuries and illnesses, and it allows employers to compile statistics concerning incidents at your facility. As an employee, you have to be involved; you are OSHA’s eyes and ears. Use this training to learn how to report an incident as well as determine which incidents to report. This On-demand video acquaints you with the requisites concerning those forms, as well as what categories reportable incidents fall under. Understand the material here and learn how to keep yourself and your coworkers safer.