Introduction|Employer Responsibilities|Establishing a PPE Program|Eye Protection and Face Shields|Head Protection|Hearing Protection|Foot Protection|Hand and Body Protection|Summary

Course Description

This Video On Demand discusses engineering and work hazard control strategies, and the role personal protective equipment (PPE) plays in keeping workers safe. The video explains how PPE is the last line of defense against workplace hazards. This training explains how a PPE program must be in place and employees must be trained to learn when PPE is necessary, what types of PPE are necessary, how to properly put on, take off, adjust and wear PPE and the limitation of PPE. It discusses eye protection and face shields, head protection, hearing protection, foot protection and hand and body protection. This video training helps workers understand the importance of PPE and its role in a workplace hazard protection plan. It is appropriate for new employees, as well as those who are being reassigned jobs that require specific PPE.