Introduction|OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard|Employer Responsibilities|Minimizing Workplace Hazards|Written Program and Labeling Requirements|Safety Data Sheets|Training|Summary

Course Description

More than 30 million people work with chemicals that can cause serious health problems or are safety hazards. This safety training video gives an overview of OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom) which ensures employers and employees have the information they need to reduce the risks of working with chemicals. Viewers learn it is the employer’s responsibility to identify hazardous chemicals in their workplace and obtain Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) for each hazardous chemical. SDS’s include descriptions of the physical and health hazards of chemicals, explains precautions for safe handling and use, and emergency and first-aid procedures. Under HazCom standards employers are also required to provide training to employees whenever a new chemical is brought into the workplace. Watch this safety training video to learn where to find health and safety information about the chemicals in your workplace.