Introduction|Why OSHA Exists|Employer Responsibilities|Employee Responsibilities|The Competent Person|Understanding Inspections|Sources of Assistance|Summary

Course Description

According to statistics, each year approximately 6,000 people die from workplace injuries and another 50,000 die from illnesses caused by workplace exposures. Further, there are 6 million non-fatal workplace injuries, which alone cost U.S. businesses more than $125 billion. Just by looking at these figures it becomes apparent why OSHA exists. Workers need to be protected, and their safety ensured. But how does this purpose manifest itself; what responsibilities does OSHA say employees and employers have? You will learn this information via this Video On Demand. Since 1970, OSHA has cut the work-related fatality rate in half and reduced the overall injury and illness rate in areas where it has specifically focused its attention. It is clear OSHA and its safety guidelines are important. It is critical for you to know how to best work in a safe environment, and that is by understanding the material in this training lesson on introducing OSHA.