Introduction|Understanding Hand and Power Tools|Abrasive Wheels and Tools|Guards and Switches|Understanding Pneumatic Tools|Safety Tips|Summary

Course Description

Hand and power tools are part of our everyday lives, and we can use them to make many jobs significantly easier. However, even simple tools have the capacity to cause severe harm if used or maintained improperly. Furthermore, workers may be exposed to harmful dusts, fumes, or gases, as well as to things that are abrasive, can fall, and splash. It is therefore important to not only know how to properly use these important pieces of equipment, but also how to guard against potential dangers should they arise. This is what OHSA, through its regulations on the subject, attempts to do. Learn about these regulations, as well as how to keep yourself safe on the job, through the material presented in this course. Occasionally, you may think a tool to be so basic as to be harmless, or you may have been using a certain type of tool for many years so you think it no longer poses a risk to you. This way of thinking can get you seriously injured. Keeping yourself safe on the job it critical and you will better understand how to do so after watching this presentation.