Introduction|Understanding Electrical Safety|Electrical Injuries|Electrical Hazards & How to Control Them|Working with Electrical Equipment|Safe Work Practices|Summary

Course Description

This video program addresses necessary electrical safety requirements for construction employees. The basics of electricity are looked at, as well as the function as applied to construction work. It’s important to understand terminology when it comes to working around electricity, so this program focuses on electrical terms such are “circuit” and “conductors” so the viewer has as much knowledge about electricity as possible. The dangers of electricity, such as electrocution and fires, are overviewed in this video. Four types of main electrical injuries are examined in this training: electrocution or death, electrical shock, burns, and falling because of an electrical situation. As personal and professional safety is the main focus of this training video, main electrical hazards are discussed, with a focus on prevention. Use this training program as a guide to improve safety in any construction area, specifically those around high-risk electrical situations.