Introduction|Training and Authorization|The Pre-Operational Inspection|Testing the Operating Controls|Inspecting the Path of Travel|Mounting the Lift and Driving Safely|Raising the Lift Safely|Safe Work Practices|Lowering and Dismounting the Lift

Course Description

This course discusses the safe and appropriate operation of aerial work platforms. There are different sizes and configurations of this equipment, such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, and articulating boom lifts. Safety needs to be at top of mind when working at heights, and this course guides you through the safety procedures to follow. There are common hazards operators need to heed when operating these complex machines, and the course outlines training and authorization to operate, inspection, and other safety precautions to consider. This course demonstrates how to safely mount the lift, drive the lift, raise and lower the lift, and dismount the lift. Use this course among your construction or maintenance personnel who may need to perform a work function in an elevated environment.