Windows Control Panel|Settings in Control Panel|Network Settings|What is a Firewall?|The Windows Firewall|Configure the Windows Firewall with Predefined Rules|Add Firewall Rule for Network Application Using GUI|Add Firewall Rule for Network Application using Netsh|Viewing Connected Devices Using Control Panel|Introduction to Device Manager Viewing Devices & Drivers|Introduction to Task Manager|Printer and Device Status in Control Panel|Introduction to Event Viewer|Event Viewer Microsoft Service Logs|Event Viewer Saving and Clearing Logs|Summary

Course Description

Most workplaces use Windows in some capacity, and with Windows-based computer systems often comes having to make periodic modifications to system and user settings. This course discusses interfacing with the registry through the Windows control panel to make this process easier. The course demonstrates tasks such as changing/updating network settings, the basics of firewalls and setting up firewall rules, the device manager, and the task manager. Use this course among your employees, particularly IT staff, to foster an awareness and reinforce a working knowledge of basic and moderately advanced Windows configuration settings.