Introduction|TCP/IP Architecture|Description of IPv4 Address Structure|IPv4 Address Classes|IPv4 Reserved Addresses|Setting a Static IP Address|Function of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)|The Default Gateway|The Concept of Subnetworks|IPv4 Address Decimal & Binary Notation|Overview of CIDR|Introduction to IPv6|IPv4 vs IPv6 Address Space|Types of IPv6 Address|Introduction to Transport Protocols|Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)|User Datagram Protocol (UDP)|IP Ports|Summary

Course Description

The most prevalent protocol used in networks today is Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). This video training course is for employees to learn the fundamentals of the TCP/IP networking protocol. This video teaches viewers what TCP/IP is and how it is used. The course demonstrates TCP/IP architecture of the TCP/IP protocol suite, the structure of the IPv4 address, and how the Address Resolution Protocol works. The course provides an overview of the other subprotocols and elements that make up the TCP/IP suite. Use this video to educate employees how to better understand the TCP/IP networking protocol.