Introduction|Prepare for a Mail Merge|Perform a Mail Merge

Course Description

When you have a letter to send to numerous people, your company’s customers for example, yet you still want to personalize each one, you should use the Mail Merge feature. While Mail Merge is often used for sending letters, it can also be used to automate several other useful tasks, such as sending reminders of overdue payments to customers, printing individualized certificates, and filling out customized forms. This course demonstrates how to use Mail Merge to perform these tasks. Before performing a Mail Merge there are certain steps you need to do and things you need to know. Mail Merge requires you to insert placeholders so it knows where to insert your personalized content. Mail Merge saves you an immense amount of time when trying to send customized copies of the same document. Utilize the materials presented here and gain an understanding of this valuable feature of Microsoft Word 2016.