Introduction|Insert a Table|Insert a New Row|Move and Resize Rows and Columns|Format a Table|Convert Text to a Table

Course Description

This Video On Demand explains how to insert a table in Word 2016. The course starts by explaining how to set up the appropriate number of columns and rows, and how to use the auto fit feature. Inserting data into the table and navigating within the table is discussed. The training also shows the viewer several ways to insert a new row or column into a table, including how to insert them amidst existing data. Three ways to move and resize rows and columns are also covered. Using the Table tools tab on the ribbon is explained to help Word users better control the style and appearance of the table. Viewers are shown how to convert text to a table in just a few clicks of the mouse! Using tables in Word documents is an easy way to make your work more readable so information can be obtained at a glance.