Getting Started with Word 2010|Opening and Closing Word|Opening and Closing Documents|The Word Application Window|The Ribbon|The Quick Access Toolbar|Word Help|Document Templates|Word Layouts|Resizing and Moving Document Windows|Zooming In and Out|Entering Text|Formatting Text|Saving Documents|Various File Types|Compatibility Checker Feature|Customizing How Documents Are Saved

Course Description

This training video introduces the Word 2010 program to the viewer. This video demonstrates the different features of Word as well as how to access them. From the basic opening and closing of documents to more difficult functions such as resizing and moving document windows, this training video focuses on the viewer’s general understanding of the Microsoft program. Live-action video demonstrations uncover features within the Word program, such as accessing the Toolbar, navigating Word’s help system, entering and formatting text, and saving documents. This training is a must for anyone unfamiliar with Word or for anyone upgrading to Word 2010 from an earlier edition.