Creating a Basic Presentation|New Presentations and Templates|Text Placeholders|Text Selection Methods|Character Formatting|Cut, Copy, and Paste Options|Paste Preview Options|Inserting Slides from Other Presentations|Slide Layouts|The Title Layout|The Two-Content Layout|The Title and Content Layout|Copying and Deleting Slides|Themes|Background Styles

Course Description

In any professional field, presentation is important. This training program highlights the important features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. From creating new presentations to copying and deleting slides, this video is sure to make any presentation easy to create. Focusing on layout, this training program gives the viewer insight as to how to make their presentations professional with styled themes and backgrounds. This video is perfect for anyone in a professional environment looking to learn more about Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. This training is followed by a short quiz so the viewer is able to demonstrate their understanding.