Introduction|Create and Edit Contacts|Create a Contact Group|Create and View Contacts|Search Contacts|Print Contacts

Course Description

Make interacting with your contacts as easy as possible by utilizing all the functionality of the Contacts feature in Outlook 2016. This course explains several ways to create and edit contacts, including clicking and dragging an email to the People icon. You’ll learn how easy it is to edit contacts and organize contacts in secondary address books, as well as create and edit a contact group to send an email to several people at once. Different contact views and how to modify the views and their purposes are discussed. Several ways to search your contacts are presented, including using recent searches and search people. Finally, the course teaches you how to print your contacts as individual contacts, a booklet of contacts, as a phone directory, or in memo style. Business people have many contacts to keep track of, and doing so in Outlook will improve organization and efficiency.