Use Lookup Functions|Trace Precedent and Dependent Cells|Watch and Evaluate Formulas

Course Description

Workbooks with a lot of data can make it difficult to find certain pieces of information, and to keep error-free. This training focuses on making it easier to find specific information in an Excel workbook, as well as how to debug a worksheet by evaluating formulas. The course starts with a step-by-step tutorial on the Lookup function, showing you how to create formulas to pull important pieces of data from other areas of your workbook. Learning how to use trace precedent and dependent cells is also discussed in this training. These features help with understanding how your formulas are all connected. The course also demonstrates how to use the Watch Formulas feature to find errors in your calculations. Being able to see the breakdown of each component of a formula can be done in the watch window. Use this course to become more skilled at evaluating the accuracy of your formulas within your Excel 2016 workbooks.