Work with Functions|Work with Ranges|Name and Edit Ranges|Use Defined Names in a Formula|Locate and Use Specialized Functions|Work with Logical Functions|IF Function|AND, OR and NOT Function|Combine Functions|Functions Similar to the IF Function|Work with Date and Time Functions|TODAY, NOW and DATE Functions|NETWORKDAY, WEEKDAY, WORKDAY and ISOWeeknum Functions|Work with Text Functions|LEFT, RIGHT and MID Functions|FIND Function|Text to Columns Feature|CONCATENATE Function|UPPER, LOWER and PROPER Functions

Course Description

Understanding the language of Excel enables users to increase the complexity of their data analysis. This course teaches how to use Microsoft Excel 2016 functions at a more advanced level. As a foundation for using Excel functions, viewers are shown how to name and edit ranges, which allows users to navigate the workbook much faster. They learn how to use named ranges to create formulas. Using named ranges instead of cell ranges in formulas makes it easier to identify the data contained within the formula. Watch this training course to learn how to do more with functions in Microsoft Excel 2016.