Apply Text Formats|Apply Number Formats|Align Cell Contents|Apply Cell Styles and Themes|Apply Basic Conditional Formatting|Create and Use Templates

Course Description

This training video helps new and experienced Excel users create more attractive and readable spreadsheets in Excel 2016. Using step-by-step processes, the video explains how to change the font, font size and format the spreadsheet’s name and column labels. Viewers learn how to use the format painter tool to quickly apply formatting changes to single or multiple cells. Excel data readability is significantly affected by the alignment of cell contents. This training demonstrates the use of right alignment, left alignment, and centering, aligning content to the top or bottom of the cell. It also shows how to merge cells and align the contents of the expanded cell and wrap text. Excel 2016 has simplified formatting a spreadsheet and this course shows viewers how to use the program’s tools to create a visually appealing and easy-to-read display of data.