Modifying a Worksheet|The Undo and Redo Commands|Quick Access to Cells|Find and Replace|Adding and Deleting Worksheets|Column Width and Row Height Alte|Inserting/Deleting Columns, Rows, and Cells|The Hide and Unhide Options

Course Description

This training course teaches users how to modify Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheets. Viewers learn such things as how to make changes to the data, modify elements, do a search, and change the height and width of rows and columns. Using video tutorials, this course demonstrates how to find cells quickly, add and delete worksheets, insert or delete columns, rows, and cells and other topics. In the section on finding cells quickly, viewers learn Excel 2010 has over sixteen thousand columns and more than one million rows. This means users can create massive worksheets with a lot of cells. The trainer explains ways for finding cells faster than by tabbing through the cells or scrolling down the worksheet. Improve your Excel expertise and make more professional spreadsheets with this course on modifying Excel 2010 worksheets.