Collaborating with Other Users|Protecting Files|Protecting Sheets and Cells|Sharing a Workbook|The SharePoint Server|Merging Workbooks|Digital Signatures|The Mark As Final Option

Course Description

Sharing data in Excel spreadsheets becomes easier when users know a few simple tricks, as demonstrated in this Video On Demand. Viewers learn how to share a workbook allowing multiple users to interact with a spreadsheet simultaneously, and track which changes were made when, by whom. Sharing a spreadsheet using SharePoint Server, a file sharing program integrated in the Office 2010 Suite, is discussed. Adding the Compare and Merge Workbooks to the Quick Access Toolbar and combining files into one document is covered. Viewers learn how to password-protect a workbook and worksheets, lock and unlock cells to protect their content, and hide and unhide worksheets. What a digital signature is, how to create and use one to ensure the workbook is authentic is also explained.