Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas|Appling Cell and Range Names|Cell References to Other Sheets|The Function Wizard|Creating and Entering Formulas|Improvements to Excel Functions|The IF Function|The Nested IF Function|VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Functions

Course Description

Tips for working effectively in the data analysis and calculation powerhouse Excel 2010 are provided in this Video On Demand training. Viewers learn about applying cell and range names, creating cell references to other worksheets or other workbooks, using the categorized Function Wizard to insert any formula required, creating and entering formulas manually and how the Formula ribbon works. The video training highlights algorithms improvements to various Excel functions, renamed statistical functions, and new functions. By explaining commonly used formulas, this video training reduces the learning curve and helps users get maximum value from the spreadsheet program. This training is useful for all Excel users, but is especially helpful to those who are new to Excel, and those migrating from older versions.