Sharing Data Across Applications|Importing or Linking Access Objects|Importing or Linking Foreign Data|Exporting Data to Text File Formats|Exporting Data to Excel|Creating a Mail Merge

Course Description

You may not know this upon first using Microsoft Access, but it can actually share data across applications. The ability to share can come in a number of formats, including importing and exporting data to and from a text file or another Access database. While Access is a great place for storing data, you may not be able to manipulate your data in all the ways you need. Therefore, you need to send your data to a place (or from a place if you just want to store it) where you can manipulate it in the manner you desire. You will be given the tools to do so via this online training video. Utilize the information presented in this training lesson and share your data across applications, thus making your experience with Microsoft Access easier and more enjoyable.