Introduction|Signs of Stress|Identifying Stress|Eliminating Stress|Rethinking Stress|Coping With Stress|Seeking Support|Review|Behavioral Change Module

Course Description

Everyone encounters stress throughout the day; whether at home, work, on the news, while driving, and in many other situations. This training video, introduced by Dr. David Katz, Director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, explains how stress causes physical, mental, and emotional problems, and shows practical ways to manage stress. This program’s five steps for managing stress include identifying what causes stress, eliminating stress, rethinking stress, coping with stress, and seeking support. In the section on identifying stress viewers are encouraged to recognize what their personal top ten causes of stress. Once the causes of stress have been identified, the next four steps provide useful ways to manage it. Watch this video to learn how to reduce the negative effects of stress in your life.