Introduction|Dangerous Mechanical Motions|Types of Machine Guards|Guarding ‘Points of Operation’|Safety Devices|Protecting your Hands|Safe Work Practices|Conclusion

Course Description

Machines have lots of moving parts, and this creates the potential for accidents to happen when employees aren’t using safe work practices. This training focuses on the types of dangerous motions occurring in different machinery, safety features on the machines, and the safety protocols employees should use to protect themselves. Some machine guards serve as protective barriers, while others protect certain parts of the machine and make them safer, and they have to work so they do not interfere with the task at hand. The importance of efficiency in machines, as well as finding safety inside and outside machines, is addressed in this multimedia presentation. The instructional video breaks down the important factors to be considered when workers work with machines. Use this training to prepare workers to properly use machine guards and practice safety procedures when working with machinery.