Introduction|Types of Energy|Lock Out/ Tag Out Devices|Lock Out/ Tag Out Procedures|Dissipate Stored Energy|Special Situations|Release Procedures|Electrical Systems|Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems|Conclusion

Course Description

Workers who repair circuits, clean and oil machinery, clean jammed mechanisms, and rebuild equipment are at risk of injury if power is restored to equipment while being serviced. OSHA’s Lock-Out/Tag-Out regulations 29 CFR 1910.147 requires the use of locks and tags to isolate machinery from its energy source while being serviced. This video is a refresher course for workers previously trained in using lock-out/tag-out to prevent accidents and injuries. This course reviews the lock-out and tag-out devices available when working with electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic energy. Viewers are taken through the steps for using lock-outs/tag-out procedures. These include identifying all energy sources, attaching lock-out/tag-out devices, and testing machinery after locks and tags have been put on. Use this refresher training to remind employees of the importance of lock-out/tag-out procedures and how they should be used to prevent serious on-the-job injuries.