Introduction|Don’t Dictate, Facilitate|Be Honest and Ethical|Let People Do Their Jobs|Focus on the Positive|Use Mistakes As Opportunities|Be Inclusive|Conclusion

Course Description

This training is targeted to help managers or those in a leadership role become more effective, better at their job and be well-respected by employees. This training shows the positive changes a manager can make to become more effective through positive reinforcement and honesty. An ineffective manager is shown at the beginning of the training to help illustrate the differences between effective managing and non-effective managing. The training is divided into six major sections. An overview illustrates a manager who is not effective, and an office with low morale directly related to the manager’s approach. The major sections are; Don’t Dictate; Facilitate, Be Honest and Ethical, Let People Do Their Jobs, Focus on the Positive, and Be Inclusive. Each section shows the wrong way to approach a situation, and the better way. The conclusion wraps up the wrong approach with the correct approach featured in each major section, starting off with the questions “Would I Follow Me.”