Introduction|Why Employment Relationships End|Inappropriate Terminations|Alternatives|Termination Procedures|After The Relationship Ends|The Leaders Responsibility

Course Description

As workplaces have evolved, workplace relationships have evolved as well; they have grown shorter when compared to those found in the past. While the end of some of these relationships may be voluntary, many others occur through termination. What are the goals of these termination procedures, and what exactly should an employer’s conduct be during them? As a leader, you must decide the answer to these questions. However, this Video On Demand training video gives you invaluable insight and direction to help you along this path. Of course, some terminations are done for inappropriate reasons, and others could have been avoided had proper alternatives been pursued. These topics are also explored in this course. Utilize this information presented in this program and discover how to best conduct yourself when ending an employment relationship, and how to fulfill your responsibilities as a leader.