Introduction|General Safety Practices|Handling Glassware|Cutting & Bending Glass Tubing|Glassware & Vacuum Operations|Preventing Accidents|Cleaning Up Accidents|Review

Course Description

Glass is fragile and can easily be scratched, cracked, or shattered. This training video teaches lab workers how to avoid accidents by handling glassware safely, and what to do if an accident occurs. Viewers learn the importance of using laboratory glassware only for the purpose it was designed for. For example, workers should consult material safety data sheets (MSDS) to be sure the containers are compatible with the chemicals being used. This course emphasizes that glassware should always be inspected for chips, cracks, and scratches prior to use, and explains why protective gear should be worn. It also shows how to properly clean and store glassware. This safety training course is filled with practical information for everyone who works in a lab. Learn how to safely handle glassware by watching and following the advice given in this video.