Introduction|Emergency Plan|Fire Emergencies|Chemical Spills|Safety Showers & Eye Washes|Review

Course Description

Fires, chemical reactions and burns, gas leaks and explosions from shock-sensitive materials are some of the dangers lab workers may encounter at any time. Additionally, natural disasters, such as tornados and earthquakes, may trigger chemical spills or contamination. Employees must be familiar with emergency procedures for any of the above scenarios, and more. This Video On Demand reinforces the importance of reading and understanding the lab’s emergency procedures manual, knowing where material safety data sheets (MSDS) are stored, and safeguarding lab workers’ health before attempting to mitigate property damage. This video serves as a concise reminder that lab workers must understand emergency response procedures, spill remediation measures, first aid and most importantly, know their limitations and when to call for the assistance of an emergency response team or fire department. Use this online training to prepare lab workers to react and respond accordingly during an emergency.