Introduction|How Electricity Works|Grounding|Safe Work Practices|Electrical Equipment & Flammables|Dealing with Electrical Emergencies|Review

Course Description

Electricity powers modern laboratories, and special precautions must be used when working with electrical equipment. Electrical equipment in labs must safely coexist with people as well as flammable or explosive fluids and vapors. Ensuring lab workers understand the properties of electricity and how to work with it safely is the goal of this Video On Demand. An initial discussion of how electricity works, explains volts, current and amperage, control devices such as on/off switches, fuses and circuit breakers, the principles of grounding and the usefulness of ground fault circuit interrupters. Subsequently, safe work practices to prevent fires, shocks and burns are emphasized. Tips on checking wiring insulation, equipment inspection, and prohibiting the use of extension cords helps prevent accidents. Since only six-one hundredths of an amp can be fatal if it strikes a person’s heart, there is little margin for error when dealing with this ever-present power source. The time lab workers spend viewing this video could prevent a fatal accident, or a serious injury or property damage incident.