Introduction|Pre-Operational Inspection|Inspecting Web Slings|Inspecting Wire Rope Slings|Inspecting Chains|Proper Rigging of the Load|Preparing to Lift the Load|Lifting and Transporting the Load|Conclusion

Course Description

Depending on the workplace, it can be wrought with hazards that can seriously injure or kill us if precautionary measures are not taken. Offered in both English and Spanish, this course discusses the comprehensive, multifaceted approaches to ensuring the proper and safe operation and deployment of an industrial crane. Only the most qualified personnel should be operating an industrial crane, providing only their fullest attention. The course dives into the preoperational inspection, inspecting web, wire rope slings, and chains, and proper rigging of the load. The course also demonstrates preparing to lift the load, and lifting and transporting the load. Utilize this course to facilitate a safer and more comprehensive understanding of the safe operation and deployment of industrial cranes at a worksite.