Introduction|Toxic Work Atmosphere|Create a Positive Atmosphere|Support Continuous Learning|Provide Individual Motivation|Communicate Performance Standards|Support Work-Life Balance|Conclusion

Course Description

With budgets shrinking and payrolls frozen, it can seem impossible to retain a company’s brightest employees. This step-by-step training video shows managers techniques to help businesses retain and reward its best workers. Starting with the task of identifying why workers leave a company, supervisors learn the importance creating the right environment to challenge and motivate employees while creating a sense of loyalty. Along with guidelines of rewarding employees who deserve it, the video shows the value of creating an environment where workers not meeting performance standards are held to the same standards. The program also covers the importance of managers recognizing workers’ work/life balance and being flexible with their employees to avoid burnout and build a sense of partnership and understanding within a company. Together, these guidelines show supervisors how simple techniques can save a company’s most valuable asset.