Introduction|Purpose of Housekeeping|Fire Hazards|Organization & Storage|Slips & Trips|Emergency Procedures|Conclusion

Course Description

There is laundry heaped on the floor; nearby a trashcan overflows as papers litter the ground and last night’s pizza dinner sits on the coffee table. We all can probably think of a person who fits this description. Unfortunately poor housekeeping habits do not only affect your home-life, they can pose serious consequences at the workplace. Not only does a messy workspace look terrible, it can cause accidents, such as slips and falls. This aligns with OSHA’s guidelines, which assert industrial materials like nails, scrap and flammable liquids be properly organized, stored or otherwise safely disposed of in order to both maintain the workflow and reduce the risk of employee injury. Through incident reenactments, the program illustrates how to best upkeep combustibles, tools, piping, delivered products, hoses, ladders, oil-driven machinery and emergency equipment. Use this video to demonstrate to employees what is expected of them when it comes to housekeeping and ensure a safe and organized workplace.