Introduction|Flammable & Combustible|Explosives & Oxidizers|Acute & Chronic Health Hazards|Corrosives & Irritants|Toxins & Carcinogens|Identifying & Transporting|First Aid|HAZMAT Emergencies|Cleanup & Decon Procedures|Review

Course Description

The online training course “HAZWOPER: Handling Hazardous Materials” teaches employees the basic safety skills necessary for working with hazardous materials. This video course discusses the physical risks of hazardous materials such as flammability, volatility, explosiveness and how to recognize and minimize these and other dangers. The online training details health hazards such as toxic or carcinogenic materials and how to avoid both acute and chronic injuries from exposure to hazardous substances. This video illustrates how to care for victims who have been exposed to harmful chemicals. Workers learn to address spills and leaks immediately by alerting a supervisor and contacting emergency personnel if necessary. Help employees reduce the potential for HAZMAT injuries and create a safer work place with this Video On Demand training.