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Course Description

If you work around hazardous materials, HAZWOPER should be one of the most important words in your vocabulary. HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response, and it is the OSHA regulation that helps protect you from, and minimize your exposure to, hazardous materials at work. This requires many safety procedures, including exposure monitoring and medical surveillance, the focus of this On Demand training lesson. Exposure monitoring is concerned with the detection of any airborne contaminant present while you are at work. This is critical because these contaminants can pass easily into the bloodstream after they are inhaled, quickly creating a dangerous situation. Medical surveillance is also something important to those working with hazardous materials, as it calls for continually watching the health of anyone working with or near hazardous materials. The material presented in this safety training video instructs you on the best monitoring and surveillance practices to keep yourself from harm, which is exceptionally important when working with hazardous materials.