Introduction|Permit Space Entry Programs|Entry Supervisor & Entry Team|Attendants|Rescue Personnel|Entrants|Initial Atmospheric Tests|Additional Tests|The Action Plan|Emergency Situations|Review

Course Description

Conditions are different every time a worker enters a silo, tank, storage bin, pit or hopper. Moving parts, hazardous materials, lose materials and tight areas make confined space entry challenging. This Video On Demand training explains Permit Required Confined Space Entry rules. The roles and responsibilities of entry team supervisors, attendants, entrants and rescue personnel are explained. Use of proper safety gear such as retrieval lines, and personal protective equipment is stressed. Viewers learn how to ensure the air inside a confined space is free of hazards by checking for oxygen-deficient and oxygen-enriched atmospheres, flammable gases such as methane, acetylene and carbon disulfide, and evaluating the density of suspended dust particles. Anyone who works in confined spaces should view this training to understand the importance of following all entry permits, knowing their role and responsibilities, and ensuring the atmosphere is periodically tested while entrants are inside. By following proper guidelines, confined spaces can be safer places.