Introduction|What is the GHS?|OSHA & the GHS|Hazard Classification|Safety Data Sheets|Labeling (Text Elements)|Labeling (Pictograms)|Information and Training|GHS Phase In Dates|Review

Course Description

The training addresses why OSHA adopted the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), and what the GHS is. Classifications, Safety Data Sheets, and other information normally communicated through HazCom is improved with GHS, making symbols in labeling, and classification is unified. The training is divided into eight major sections, plus an introduction at the beginning and a review at the end. The overview explains what GHS is and why it is important for safety in construction. The major sections are; what is the GHS, OSHA and the GHS, Hazard Classification, Safety Data Sheets, Labeling (Text Elements), Labeling (Pictograms), Information and Training, GHS Phase in Dates. The review recaps all the categories and information within the video, emphasizing the importance of the standardization. Use this training to introduce all the workers on your job site to GHS.